Property Law

Ventura County Property Division Attorney

One of the most common concerns of people going through a divorce is how their possessions will be treated. What will you be able to keep? What will you have to give up? What will have to be sold and split with your former spouse? At the law firm of Smith & Nowlin, we can answer these questions and more. We can build a legal strategy dedicated to helping you keep what is rightfully yours.

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At Smith & Nowlin, we have more than 35 years of experience in addressing all issues related to divorce and division of property. We have the depth of knowledge to help you address the future of all of your property, from family homes, cars, antiques, and other items to complex assets, such as 401K and retirement benefits, real estate, and businesses or professional practices. We will help you protect your property.

The division of property is dictated by what is determined as community property and what is determined as separate property. While separate property is yours to keep and includes inheritances and possessions acquired prior to your marriage, community property is required to be divided equally by law. We can help you determine which type of property is which.

There are seemingly limitless possibilities when it comes to the manner in which division of property is accomplished. After taking the step of determining which property belongs to which category, we will move forward and help you determine the appropriate value of community property. We will work with you to create a marital property division strategy designed to meet your needs.

Our goal is to help you resolve these matters efficiently and effectively. We will work with you to determine if your property can be divided by working closely with your former spouse to build a plan that is mutually agreeable. If that is not a possibility, we are prepared to stand by your side in court to see that your rights are protected.

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