Paternity Attorney in Ventura, California

One highly contested area of family law is paternity. Many individuals do not realize that legally establishing the correct father can grant rights to a child as well as restrict them. However, until proper paternity is established, if it is in question, no formal orders can be created that govern the ways in which fathers are granted access to their children.

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At Smith & Nowlin, we have extensive experience helping clients deal with paternity actions. Whether you are seeking to establish paternity or are attempting to prove that you are not the father, our firm can advise you of your rights and move forward with the case in a way that suits your best interests. Below are some of the common aspects of paternity that our firm addresses for clients.

DNA Testing

Recently, the technology for testing DNA to establish paternity has improved immensely. A simple swab from the inside of a child's cheek can be tested and compared with the cheek swab of a possible father. This can be key to gain access to a child, or to give responsibility for care, support and well-being to the proper father.

Paternity and Child Custody

Without a paternity determination, a father cannot have the correct types of child custody and visitation orders established. Once a paternity test comes back and the father's rights are recognized, it is important that the mother and father both enter into custody arrangements that allow both parents access to the child and participation in the child's life.

Paternity and Child Support

Once a father is determined through DNA testing, a child support order can be established. This is important, as the child should be financially supported by both parents. By determining paternity, you can ensure that the correct person will be responsible for the child's support.

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