Child Support

Ventura County Child Support Lawyer

Raising a child on a single income is becoming increasingly difficult. Child support is intended to help a single parent provide child with the food, clothing, and lifestyle they need to flourish. At the law firm of Smith & Nowlin, we have more than 35 years of experience in addressing child support and other family law matters. We are here to help you.

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On the surface, child support seems fairly simple. It is determined by a formula. Information is plugged in and it calculates how much the child support should be.

In reality, child support can be much more complex than that. While it is based on a formula, we have a certain amount of input in regard to the numbers that are entered into the formula. Our goal is to see that all information is accounted for so the amount of child support is truly fair.

Factors that need to be considered in relation to child support include income and amount of time spent with the child. As far as income goes, there can be much more than simply how counting up how much each parent earns. Valuation of income includes paying close attention to the way that a person's income might fluctuate. It involves comparing the amount a person is earning with the amount they truly have the ability to earn. When you choose Smith & Nowlin, we will carefully examine all information. We will work hard to get you the results you need.

We are available to help with child support during the initial divorce process. Additionally, we can help with modification of child support if factors have changed which you feel should be accounted for. We are available to address unique issues, like child support involving parents in the military or parents who are immigrants.

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